Ralph H. Simpson

Ralph H. Simpson is always looking for a better way: to build partnerships, to solve problems and to work together to make something to be proud of. That search for better has brought them a long way—all the way to the top of the industry. We crafted a brand that speaks to their dependability, confidence, and expertise in metal fabrication.

Client: Ralph H. Simpson
Services: Visual Identity, Messaging
Art Direction & Design: Matt Roman
Writing: Maggie Curran
Creative Direction: Joshua P. Ferguson

Concept 01

Based on their expertise in the miscellaneous metals field, we assigned the Sage archetype to Ralph H. Simpson.

The mark is a combination of a falcon, one of the smartest birds of prey, to speak to their experience and knowledge, and an anvil, to call back to the handcrafted quality of refining metal into a finished product.

Concept 02

As an alloy, steel is composed of iron and carbon. Carbon increases the metal’s strength and hardness, which is reflected in the structure and linework of the mark.

The shape language of this system revolves around symmetry, inspired by the raw ore used to create refined metals.

Concept 03

The handcrafted nature of Ralph H. Simpson is a prominent feature in their metalwork.

A monogram speaks to Simpson’s legacy while custom typography adds to its uniqueness. Simplicity and sophistication bring this seasoned brand into the modern era of design.