DX Learning Solutions

To position DX Learning as the progressive leadership development partner that it is, they needed a fresh look and a fresh voice. Our research revealed a strategic gap in their industry versus aging, corporate competitors. Bright colors stand apart from a plethora of corporate blues. An abstract, monogram-inspired logomark pops against a sea of compass icons. Rebellious messaging zags where the majority zigs.

Client: DX Learning Solutions
Services: Visual Identity, Messaging, Print
Design & Art Direction: Matt Roman
Strategy & Writing: Joshua P. Ferguson
Creative Direction: Joshua P. Ferguson & Becka Bates

Brand Rollout

In order to share the new DX with the world, we created an array of key marketing materials.

We began with collateral pieces such as business cards, stickers, buttons, and office wall graphics. Next, we created a comprehensive brand brochure that details what DX is all about and the different programs they offer. This piece is a vital takeaway for their symposiums and conferences. We then created a series of sell sheets for each of their individual learning programs.