Matt Roman is a communication designer specializing in brand building and human-centered design systems.

Originally from Michigan, Matt started his career by earning his BFA in Advertising Design from the College for Creative Studies. Just a few years after graduating, he stayed on campus to teach classes spanning digital campaigns, typography, and print campaigns as an Adjunct Faculty. From there, he became an in-house designer for Shinola and also designed for automotive companies like Chevrolet and Audi before moving to Chicago.

Though Matt’s core area of interest is branding, his love affair with the tactile feel and permanence of print pieces knows no bounds. It may be due to the fact that he’s a life-long comic book reader and a bookworm when it comes to fantasy and science fiction sagas. Complex world building is just as exciting to him as complex brand building.

He is also a strong advocate of “pop” instead of “soda.” It’s the Michigan in him.